Buying a House


None of us ever anticipates being homeless or unable to afford a decent place to live. But sometimes a series of unfortunate incidents in life lead a family or single parent to a point where they simply cannot afford a decent home. Here are some sobering facts:

  • Across the world, 1 in 5 people are locked in poverty.

  • Housing insecurity touches nearly half of adults at some point in their live

  • More than half of all adults say they have made at least one trade-off in order to cover their rent or mortgage including taking second jobs, cutting back on health care and healthy food, and moving to less safe neighborhoods.

  • Inadequate housing affects career and education prospects as well as mental health.

  • A safe and stable home is essential to a decent life.

  • Families in need of affordable housing live everywhere: small towns and villages, sprawling cities, as well as your community.

We will donate 12% of every purchase to an organization helping to provide homes for those in need.

Family Time

Do You Know Someone Who Has Benefited From A Charitable Program To Give Them A Home?

If you or someone you know would feel comfortable sharing your story about how a non-profit program designed to helps families build and improve places to call home changed your life, please let us know. Contact us at