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The famous 2017 Ice Bucket Challenge brought the world's attention to ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that attacks nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord. When these cells die, voluntary muscle control and movement dies with them. Patients in the later stages of the disease are totally paralyzed, yet in most cases, their minds remain sharp and alert. ALS continues to afflict people worldwide:

  • An average of 15 PEOPLE are newly diagnosed with ALS — more than 5,600 people — per year.

  • 30,000 Americans may currently be affected by ALS.

  • Annually, ALS is responsible for two deaths per 100,000 people.

  • The average life expectancy of a person with ALS is two to five years from time of diagnosis. 

  • ALS occurs throughout the world with no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic boundaries.

  • ALS can strike anyone. Every single American is threatened by this disease.

We will donate 12% of every purchase to ALS Research.

Do You Know Someone Fighting ALS?

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Diane began slurring her words and wasn't sure if she was having a bad reaction to a medication. She and her husband had finally sold their home and were downsizing to a dream home and she wanted to focus on getting settled into her new home. When she started having trouble walking, falling a lot, and generally not feeling herself, an initial diagnosis of a form of palsy was later changed to a heart-breaking diagnosis of ALS. She lost her ability to speak quickly, then move, and she passed away in just over a year after her diagnosis.

ALS is a truly horrible, unforgiving, relentless disease with no cure. No one deserves to deal with this.