Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Many struggling patients and families empty their bank accounts to fight a terminal illness, and are left with no financial resources in their final days. Some fundamental costs like being able to pay the rent so they can spend their final days at home in familiar surroundings, cover costs for a vet bill or dog walker to keep their pet with them at home in their final days, and other incidentals not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance which would mean so much to these dying individuals are just impossible for them to meet. Consider these facts:

  • In 2017, 1.49 million patients were taken care of through hospice services in the United States. Hospices provide medical care, pain management, as well as emotional and spiritual support.

  • The average length of stay for hospice patients in the United States rose 5% to 77.9 days during 2018, up from 74.5 days in 2017

  • The top five hospice terminal diagnoses in 2017 were Alzheimer’s, COPD, heart failure, lung cancer, and senile degeneration of the brain.

  • The U.S. hospice industry has quadrupled in size since the millennium. Now, more than 65 percent of Americans spend their final stage of life in hospice care.

We want to start a conversation about supplementing Hospice Care and will donate 12% of the proceeds from the sale of every Hospice Care case to an organization helping to improve the quality of care for individuals dealing with the end of their lives.


Kathryn Found Her Calling
In Providing Hospice Care

Kathryn knew very early on she wanted to become a nurse, but it wasn't until she became involved in hospice care that she found her true calling.

As someone who dealt with end of life situations on a daily basis, Kathryn began to spread the word about an organization which provided financial assistance to hospice patients and their families with dire financial need to improve their quality of life and ease the burdens accompanying a terminal diagnosis. Some of the ways this foundation helps includes paying rent, utilities and food bills so patients can remain at home to die, granting last wishes to patients — including a trip to a major league baseball game, a last trip to the beach, helping with veterinary bills for beloved pets, and so much more.

Kathryn, pictured here with her beloved dog, Olive, suddenly passed away at the age of 34 years old from a deep vein thrombosis that led to a pulmonary embolism on September 11, 2019. We want to honor her memory by spreading the word about the support many individuals need in addition to Hospice Care through these donations.