A Case For Good is a purpose-driven company, which began during the COVID-19 crisis.


Our founder, Jane Coloccia, owns a marketing and communications business which works primarily with companies in the travel and tourism industry. With the world sheltering in place, she suddenly found her clients unable to operate for a while, and with plenty of free time on her hands, she decided to start a business outside of the travel industry which would keep her busy and also give back in some way.

Recognizing that nearly everyone has a cell phone — and many people had protective cases on those phones — Jane wanted to use the primary vehicle which people used to connect with the world as a platform for doing good.

A Case For Good currently features 13 cell phone cases with original illustrations by talented artists from around the world designed to depict a particular cause or illness. 12% of the profits from the sale of each case are donated to that specific charitable organization thereby creating a case to do something good.

Our mission is to continue to grow and we welcome suggestions of national or international causes or charities which we can support.



Selcha Uni -  Russia

@selchauni on Instagram

I have been painting since childhood and always wanted to be an artist, so I had no doubt about that. My hobby has become a profession. I am a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer with over five years of experience. I have a BA in Graphic Design and my illustrations are used for books, tattoos, interactive installations, souvenir and printing products, websites, packaging, etc. My passion is to paint portraits, animals and plants, fairy-tale characters.

Her artwork is featured on the cases for Breast Cancer, ALS, Alzheimer's Disease, Disaster Relief, Feeding Hungry Children, Pancreatic Cancer, and Pet Rescue. 


Moeen -  Pakistan


I'm a successful graphic designer with skills including logo design, illustrations, cartoon portraits, podcast covers, car wrap designs, and album cover art.

His artwork is featured on the Clean Water case.


Aiman -  Pakistan


My passion is drawing and I wanted to translate my visions into reality, to share and express my imagination. I aspire to bring people's imaginations to life through my artwork. I believe there is nothing more delightful than drawing. I love to draw beautiful pictures because beauty without expressions is boring and art is creation of beauty.

Her artwork is featured on the Environment case.


Reza -  Indonesia

@digitartpainting on Instagram

My name is Reza Yudiansyah. I was born in Indonesia. I really like drawing and all things that relate to art. I have studied art, especially the art of drawing or illustration. Usually I get inspired by imagining what's on my mind and then pour it into a picture or illustration. Including this illustration that I have made. My satisfaction is when my work is liked by many people, because when other people are happy with an illustration,  it means my work is valued.

His artwork is featured on the Affordable Housing case.